145 Happy Wedding Anniversary Messages, Messages And Quotes With Images

Wedding Anniversary Messages: Looking for happy anniversary quotes? Find wedding anniversary wishes and messages to write in an anniversary card for a husband, wife, parents or friends. So read on for these sweet quotes about love, funny messages about marriage, and yes, even relationship quotes that can double as a cute couple’s Instagram caption on a special day! Our favorite wedding anniversary cards include the following: You may be acquainted with the pair and are aware of how they met and the circumstances that brought them together. Yet, the most essential thing to remember is their very first date as a couple. It may have been a dinner date or something else entirely. For the pair, recreate the same date as before.

Best Collection of unique and exclusive romantic anniversary wishes for your hubby. You should select the one that best expresses your love for him. Our heartfelt collection of wedding anniversary wishes has been compiled with care, particularly for you and your spouse. Anniversary greetings for married couples.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Messages Messages And Quotes With Images

Happy Wedding Anniversary Messages

Wish your better half a happy anniversary with this list of happy anniversary wishes, messages and quotes, whether it’s a first wedding anniversary.

@ Happy Wedding Anniversary. May God bless you and keep you happy.

@ This Anniversary Wishes collection focuses on wishing friends and family members the best on their big day.

@ You’re both weird. Congratulations on being made for each other!

@ To the best couple I know, I’m wishing you all the best and loving each other to the fullest. Happy Anniversary!

@ I believe everything happens for a reason because it led me to you. I love you. Happy anniversary.

@ May you continue to be a wonderful husband and wife to each other. I wish you nothing but happiness, love, and joy in the years ahead.

@ Happy Anniversary to the man whom I have chosen to love and be with me for a lifetime. I want you to know that words are not enough to say that I love you. Let me kiss you instead!

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@ Happy anniversary to the only person in the world that I want beside me every day and every night for the rest of my life. I love you, sweetheart. Happy Anniversary!

@ May the sun always shine on the path that you share. May the moon and stars always light your hearts with care.

@ Sending you many blessings and best wishes. May you continue to live a full and joyous life together for many more years yet to come. Happy Anniversary!

@ The way you love me and look after my family is unthinkable. You are not only a woman with good looks but also a woman with a beautiful heart. Happy Anniversary!

@ Happy 10th anniversary to our favourite couple! We are so lucky to have been by your side as you walked down the aisle that day, and we’re even luckier to still call you our best friends. Forever your bridesmaid and groomsman.

@ Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!you both eternal happiness and peace.

@ As you celebrate another year together, take a moment to reminisce about the happy memories you’ve created together and to reflect on the lessons learned. May you continue to grow stronger every day. Happy Anniversary.

@ I hope that you two will grow even closer together with each passing day. Happy Anniversary.

@ My love for you will never fade. I have loved you all those years and I’ll love you till my last breath. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!

@ I wish you a very happy anniversary and hope that the future years are just as great as the years of marriage that we’ve had.

@ Thank you for being my mate in life. Thank you for making my heart brimful with enormous happiness. I wish you a happy anniversary, my dear husband.

@ Growing old with someone is a dream for many, but for us it is reality. Happy Anniversary! I hope we have many more to come.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Messages

¦ Like an old couple, your legs may have become wobbly and beautiful wrinkles may adorn your lovely faces, but your love for each other never seems to fade, regardless of life’s phases. Happy Anniversary.

¦ Not everyone has been able to find true love that thrives and grows over time. Finding you, my love has been a true blessing. May our relationship be blessed with many more years of growth and blessings.

¦ I think it’s very beautiful how two strangers can be brought together by the essence of love, and I hope this love lasts for many years to come.

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¦ Congratulations on another wonderful year of falling in love with each other. Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

¦ I am the happiest, most grateful, and luckiest person on the planet because you are at my side. Happy Anniversary to you, my love!

¦ Another year has passed, and you have continued to show us all that love is real; happy wedding anniversary to a lovely couple!

¦ Every love story is distinct, one-of-a-kind, and lovely, but ours is my personal favorite. Happy Anniversary!

¦ I wish you the fragrance of roses, the gentleness of lilies, and the joy of gardens on your loveliest day! Best wishes for your wedding day!

¦ Happy anniversary to my better-in-every-way half. Seriously, you’re amazing.

¦ Happy Anniversary! May God continue to bless you and keep you happy.

¦ I hope you find time to look back on all your sweet memories together.

¦ Our relationship is more than just a love story; it’s a romantic epic. It is not a thousand-mile journey, but rather an experience filled with the nicest things in life and an infinite loop of beautiful memories. Happy Anniversary!

¦ Sending you both loving wishes on your anniversary. May it be something very special.

¦ I hope this adventure can go on forever because of the way you love me and the way you touch my life. Thank you for making this a memorable day in my life. Happy Anniversary!

Best Wedding Anniversary Messages For Friend

You have shown the world that when two people love each other truly, nothing can weaken the bond they share. All my best wishes to you on this special occasion!

Happy Anniversary to the loveliest couple. May your love and devotion to each other continue to inspire those around you. May you be blessed with all the gifts and fruits of a happy marriage.

I’m thinking about anniversary wishes images. of you today with loving wishes as you reflect on all the wonderful memories of the past and future days to share.

On our wedding anniversary, let’s recall all the good memories that we shared. Happy anniversary to you, dear.

Congratulations on your anniversary! Today is the day to celebrate the happiness and love you share! May you continue to celebrate it for the rest of your lives. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

God truly made you two for each other. And he brought you together just to show the world what a happy marriage looks like. You have my heartiest good wishes!

Every year, you both set # CoupleGoals for each of us. Salute to the love and bond of friendship you guys share. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

I read somewhere that marriage is a lifelong melody crooned by two hearts in love. When I look at both of you, I see those two hearts crooning the tunes of love and happiness. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

Behaving less like a typical husband and wife and more like best friends is what makes your marriage so perfect and unique. A very happy anniversary to the two of you!

Happy anniversary to the greatest people… It’s the garden we’re most jealous of!

Cute Wedding Anniversary Messages For Wife

¦ Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is something different. You did it. Happy Anniversary!

¦ The increase in the number of divorced couples makes me feel like marriages are not meant to last after all. But you have proved that one can find eternal bliss in a union like ours. Happy Anniversary.

¦ Life has a way of tossing things around. Sometimes it’s good, and other times it can be bad, but regardless of the calm or storm, I wish you both an overflow of bliss. Happy Anniversary.

¦ Anniversary should be celebrated on a monthly basis because one day a year is insufficient to express how much I care about you.Happy Anniversary.

¦ Happy Love Life Day. Happy marriage day. I’m so jealous of your day. There are lots of ways to say this… Happy wedding anniversary.

¦ I wish you a happy first anniversary!that this very special day in the life of your beautiful union will strengthen your bond and bless your marriage in countless ways.

¦ Like cream and sugar mixed together, you guys make a deliciously great couple. Enjoy each moment together.

¦ Let us be proud of the good memories we’ve made and forget about the bad.We have built a love that has lasted so long that even the heavenly bodies are rejoicing with us on this special day. Happy Anniversary!

¦ Whatever you do and wherever life takes you, keep in mind the energy of trustworthiness, love, and friendship. Happy Anniversary.

¦ I wish you a blessed and happy first anniversary. I hope this anniversary bestows your marriage with more love, fun, peace, and happiness.

¦ A whole year next to you, my love, has been a blessing. I feel like every day I love you a little more. Happy Anniversary!

¦ Wishing you the best on your anniversary. May you welcome many more years of love and compassion. Happy Anniversary!

Amazing Wedding Anniversary Messages For Husband

Much love and happiness to my hubby, who knows what can lift my mood and how to make me happy. I hope the upcoming years will be filled with joy, love, and laughter. Happy Anniversary.

I was happy before I met you. But, when I got you, I realized I could be happier too, happier in ways unimaginable. Thanks for making my happiness your priority and making sure I never go to sleep with tears in my eyes. Happy Anniversary!

You are the kindest, funniest, strongest, smartest man I know – and I’m the luckiest.

days, making you the happiest man on earth.

I thank God for giving me the best husband! Happy Anniversary!

Happy wedding anniversary, husband. May the anniversary increase the love and bond we share. I love you.

Today, on this special day, I’d just like to remind you that there’s no one in the whole world I’d rather want to spend my life with than you. I love you to bits.

Just hold me tight and kiss me, because we were made for each other. I love you. Happy Anniversary.

I’m so happy to have you in my life. Thank you for everything! Happy Anniversary wishes to my lovely wife.

Together with you is my favorite place to be, and that is exactly where I want to be for the rest of our lives. Here’s to sharing yet another year of dreams and sunsets. Happy anniversary, my love.

Awesome Wedding Anniversary Messages For Couple

¦ It is during the darkest moments that we are able to see the brightest people in our lives. I’m glad you found your light in the darkness.

¦ I don’t know how I got so lucky to get a girl like you, but I’m thankful every single day.

¦ Happy Anniversary! Congratulations to us as we celebrate another year of being so deeply in love with each other after so many years. I pray for more reasons to celebrate in the future.

¦ Our anniversary marks ¦ more days you’ve made me laugh, appreciate you, learn, grow, and be oh so glad we’re together!

¦ I am a blessed girlfriend indeed! It’s a shout I’d make to let the world know how much I love you. May our love grow sturdy each day. Happy Anniversary.

¦ Wishing a dazzling first anniversary to the most beautiful couple ever. Sweethearts, may God always have a reason to place His mighty hands on your precious union and bless it abundantly.

¦ Everyone has a storey to tell, but your love storey is the most beautiful of all.

¦ Happy anniversary to my one and only. I can never find the words to say how much I love you, so I got you a little something to give you a clue – a gorgeous gift for a gorgeous girl.

¦ Sending love to our favourite couple on their anniversary!

¦ Take the time to look back on the sweet memories you have made together on this most blessed anniversary!

¦ Our marriage has been through a lot over the years, but in both good and bad times, you have shown me nothing but love. Despite the circumstances, I still love you more. Cheers to more blissful years. Happy Anniversary.

¦ I want to use this special occasion to send my best wishes as you celebrate your anniversary! You guys make perfection look easy.

Wonderful Wedding Anniversary Messages For Brother

Happy wedding anniversary, bro. Look ahead to the best days of your life. I wish you a joyful life together.

Warmest wishes to the special couple on their wedding anniversary. That’s far more special. May you always be blessed with sweet moments of togetherness and love!

Dearest Brother, It is rare to find soul mates in one lifetime, but every time I see you not winning an argument with Bhabhi, I look at Bhabhi and feel I’ve found my perfect sister-in-law. Congratulations, Bhaiya, you sure got lucky!

May the freshness of your love remain the same and be as great as it was on your wedding day. May you two achieve all that you want and be able to take your relationship to new heights with every passing year. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

I always thought that my brother was my best friend, and then came my sister-in-law. And now I’ve changed sides. Happy Anniversary!

The love you share today, I wish it stayed in your life. I wish you a very happy anniversary.

Uplifting Wedding Anniversary Messages For Sister

¦ Today, we celebrate the best decision you’ve ever made—making me your wife and the mother of your kids. Happy anniversary, honey!

¦ Thanks for putting so much pressure on me by setting the bar so high for what a good marriage looks like. I have a lot to live up to. Happy Anniversary!

¦ Another year to create beautiful memories. Happy anniversary, mom and dad. Thanks for always being the perfect example of love.

¦ Anniversary Messages for Parents

¦ You have always taught us to attain milestones in life. Congratulations on attaining one yourself. Happy anniversary to our dear parents.

¦ A special wish for a special couple Mom and Dad, you are my stars. I miss you on your anniversary, even if I am too far. Today, celebrate yourself and your love.

¦ It’s so amazing to see the two of you love each other with all your hearts, even after all these years, and there’s no way it’s spiraling down. You both inspire us. Happy Anniversary, guys!

¦ You both and your loving, faithful marriage make me so proud of you both. Thanks for raising me so decently and with so much love. I love you two the most.

¦ All things grow with love, and nothing is better proof of that than our family. I love you, Mom and Dad.

¦ Thank you, Mom and Dad, for supporting me with every decision I have made in my life. Now it is a time when you can relax and I will be the support that you need. Congratulations on your (#) anniversary!

Heart-Warming Wedding Anniversary Messages For Parents

¦ You are the most romantic couple and most caring parents in the world. Congratulations to both of you on this special occasion! We love you!

¦ You two are a living example of a perfect couple. Happy wedding anniversary to my favourite couple. Keep this love alive till the end and cherish each other.

¦ Love is in the air, and it is because of you both, and also because of the beautiful bond you share! On this lovely occasion, I wish you both a very happy anniversary!

¦ I just pray to God to bless me with a life partner who is as good, compatible, and loving as both of you. I wish you tonnes of happiness and love. Happy Anniversary!

¦ No matter what happens in life, your love is still strong for each other. It’s like it comes easily and naturally to you two. I need to learn that from you, mom and dad. All the love to you from your son!

¦ They say that perfection is rare, but, looking at your relationship and marriage, it’s pretty close to the happily ever after that I want in my life. Undoubtedly,

¦ You’re an inspiration to those lucky enough to know you. I’m lucky to have you as my parents.

¦ Dear Mom and Dad, here comes the one day of the year when you are not allowed to fight about anything-be it grand ma’s recipes, dad’s television time, the long hour he spends in the bathroom, mom’s long chit chats with maasi when dad needs murmure, or any other super small topic that you both make a ‘rai ka pahaad’ about. There will be no fights, only sweet memories, and good food.: happy Anniversary.

¦ The only reason I believe in love is because of you and your two pure souls. I have seen the two of you go that extra mile to be with each other. And today, on your anniversary, I’d just like to wish you two more happiness, more love, and many more years of togetherness.

¦ Love is undoubtedly the most significant thing in life, and the way both of you have lived together with affection for each other has been a real inspiration to me. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.

¦ I am so blessed to have grandparents like you. Thanks for showing us, year after year, what a marriage centred on faith looks like.

¦ Today, I want to thank both of you for not leaving each other once. Thank you for giving us a sweet family and a happy childhood. Happy Anniversary, dear Mom and Dad!

Heart Touching Wedding Anniversary Messages For Quotes

As the years pass, love becomes more abundant, fast, and poignant.

Yours is the best couple I’ve ever known. These two are made for each other. Happy Anniversary with lots of best wishes.

You might not have been my first love, but you were the love that made all the other loves irrelevant-Rupi Kaur

I could walk around my garden all day if I had a flower for every time I thought about you.

Real love stories never have endings. Bach, Richard

Being in a long marriage is similar to having a nice cup of coffee every morning; I may have it every day, but I still enjoy it. -Mr. Stephen Gains

Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Son And Daughters

¦ May your marriage anniversary always has greatest importance among many celebrations in your life. Happy Wedding Anniversary!!

¦ Happy Wedding Anniversary. May God continue to bless you and provide all your heart desires.

¦ Your marriage is a perfect example of how couples should lead their marital life accepting faults of each other every now and then. Happy Wedding Anniversary!!

¦ You set a great example of love and care despite the stress you bore at work. Happy Marriage Anniversary!!

¦ Your mom and me always quarrel for who is good to whom, son or daughter-in-law, can’t agree more. Happy Wedding Anniversary Son!!

¦ I always longed to see daughter in law and you to have great affection of each other. You both fulfilled my wish. Happy Wedding Anniversary Children!!

¦ You have shared immense love for one another over the years. I am sure you would continue to be affectionate in the years to follow. Now it’s your wedding anniversary today wishing both of you to have good fortune follow your way!

Funny Wedding Anniversary Messages

I know your marriage is just as twisted as mine. But congratulations! You have spent really good years together. Now get yourself out of it!

I’m yours. No refunds.

Even though your snoring drives me crazy, I wouldn’t pick anyone else in the world to share my bed with. Happy Anniversary!

Darling, do you recall the search warrant I issued for my heart [insert year] ago♥Guess what, it still belongs to you! Happy Anniversary!

Unicorns, fairies, and angels – even these seem real in front of your marriage, which is so perfect that it seems almost unreal. Happy Anniversary!

Milestone Wedding Anniversary Messages

¦ Anyone can fall in love, but not everyone can stay in love. Happy Anniversary! And here’s to many more!

¦ My best wishes to you on your 50th anniversary. May you look back on your years together with love and laughter.

¦ Getting to spend a whole year loving you is one of the greatest achievements of my life. I am so excited about the rest of our future together.

¦ May God fill your life with more beautiful moments and colorful memories in the coming years. Happy 1st anniversary to both of you!

¦ It’s great to see you two happy and content with each other. I pray to God that you two always stay sweet and loving forever. Happy Anniversary!

¦ It’s unbelievable how, after all these decades, you still love each other as much as you did on your wedding day. You’re truly an inspiring couple. I wish you an extraordinarily happy 30th anniversary!

¦ The way you have handled the good and the bad in this first year is an inspiration to all of us. Congratulations on your first anniversary!

¦ Congratulations on your 20th anniversary!Even when I think both of you can’t get any more awesome, you do. God has indeed blessed your union. I pray he continues to do so until hell freezes over!

¦ years. It has passed by in the blink of an eye, and I have enjoyed every moment. Happy Golden Anniversary to us!

¦ There are no words to describe the love I feel for you on our [first] anniversary—unwavering, tender, and boundless only begin to sum it up.

¦ My best wishes are with you as you mark your 10th anniversary together. May you have many beautiful milestone anniversaries in the future!Congratulations on your tenth anniversary!

¦ Your love burns brighter than the stars in the sky, and I hope nothing but the best for you two on this amazing day! Love and laughter always!

¦ A big anniversary to celebrate a big, big love.

¦ Happy First Wedding Anniversary! Here’s to the next 99!

Heartfelt Happy Anniversary Messages With Images

Congratulations on your anniversary. You remind us all why marriage was invented, and I know you will be celebrating the day in style, just like everything you do.

Happy wedding anniversary to an incredible couple and two of the best people I know. It is so inspiring to see a couple who use the vows they spoke [#] years ago to guide how they live every day.

They say that love can change the world, and when I look at you and your marriage, I believe that is possible. I hope you have a wonderful day and congratulations on your anniversary.


Wedding anniversary wishes offer you the right wording ideas to wish your wife, husband, or a couple on this special day. Here, you will find several simple but heartwarming anniversary wishes and messages for your spouse, parents, friends, siblings, and any other relationships! Happy anniversary my love! I wish to be with you today, tomorrow, and forever.

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