145 Happy First Year Anniversary Wishes, Messages

Marriage is the occasion for which each individual awaits. They are pretty excited but more nervous. Because, after that, they will tie their knot with their life partner and spend the life together. They always cherish their moments of marriage while looking back at those. Happy 1 year anniversary! What an incredible milestone it is to have been together for an entire year!

Happy First Year Anniversary Wishes, Messages

That first year of marriage is like a crash course in getting to know your partner inside out. You discover their likes, dislikes, weird habits, and all those little things that make them so darn special. So, whether you’re the couple celebrating or just a friend sending good vibes, here are some sweet 1st anniversary wishes to help you write the perfect wish.

It is time to celebrate your milestone. Happy 1-year anniversary!

I’m the luckiest woman in this world to have a loving and understanding husband like you. Happy first anniversary.

I never imagined life would be this awesome with you. You will always be the love of my life. Happy first anniversary!

Today I’m giving you breakfast in bed, followed by a quick shoulder rub before showering. Then I’m taking you shopping, followed by a romantic dinner and a late-night movie. Enjoy it while it lasts because anniversaries come only once every year.

Sending you my warm hugs and tons of love on the 1st anniversary. May God always bless you.

This may be our first year together, But the start of a lifetime of wonderful memories and tons of love. Happy First Anniversary!

Happy first Anniversary to you two love birds. Know that you’re always in my thoughts and prayers.

May this year be merely the first of many great ones to come.

Warm wishes to you on your marriage milestone. Happy Anniversary!

Happy 1st Marriage Anniversary Wishes

1.) Happy 1st Anniversary! May our trust and love keep growing with the passing of each year in both good times and bad!

2.) To many more anniversaries to us my love. You are the best thing that ever happened in my life. Happy 1st wedding anniversary, I love you.

3.) Congratulations! We survived a whole year of marriage! Now the gloves come off… months of annoyance, anger, and nagging.

4.) Thank you for the countless memories over the year. Happy anniversary, dear.

5.) Happy Anniversary to the lady who is making my dreams come true. After a year, I’m still pinching myself. I get to be married to this beautiful woman?

Best And Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for couples

6.) You are the best thing that happened in my life. Happy first anniversary, my love.

7.) Here’s to countless anniversaries we are yet to celebrate. I love you, darling husband.

8.) As everything happens for a reason- the reason that brought you into my life is my most favorite one. Just like our love story is my favorite one. Happy first anniversary, my hubby.

9.) May your lives be filled with adventure and your love be never-ending. Happy anniversary.

Happy 1st Marriage Anniversary Messages

10.) We will stay forever this way, love. Happy first wedding anniversary, dear better half.

11.) I send you warm hugs and love on your first anniversary. May God give you many more years together!

12.) Whatever the circumstances are, I will be holding your hand and be there by your side forever and ever like this first year of our marriage!

13.) Enough of the romantic wishes and beautiful poems. The only way to my heart is through chocolates, flowers, and gifts. So keep your wishes to yourself and shower me with what I really want today.

14.) Only one year in and you’re making Mr. and Mrs. look easy.

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

16.) All praises are to God for the brought us closer and kept us united throughout the year. I wish to be with you for eternity! Happy 1st anniversary to my husband!

17.) If the first year of marriage is supposed to be a tell tale sign of how the rest of a couple’s life is going to be, ours is going to be beautiful and awesome. Happy anniversary, I love you.

18.) It’s hard to believe that only a year ago I was walking down the aisle in a white dress, looking into your eyes and saying, “I do”. Since then, my love for you has only grown, and you mean more to me than I could have ever imagined. Happy first anniversary, let’s celebrate our love all over again!

Happy 1st Engagement Anniversary Wishes – Quotes, Message

19.) From the moment we met, I knew that you were something special. Here we are, a year after our marriage, and I’m still falling deeper in love with you by the day. Today’s a day for celebrating us, so let’s make the most of it. Happy anniversary!

20.) Happy first marriage anniversary, my husband. You make everyday life more cheerful and delightful. I love you so much. You are the greatest blessings from Almighty. May God bless us.

21.) On this very special day, I want you to know that you are everything that I have always wanted. Thanks for being with me all these times. I love you a lot!

22.) Dear husband/name, I didn’t know you would become my life when I met you for the first time. But you did and your faith and tenacity made me believe in love. I love you so much, more than you know can ever imagine. Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary hubby.

23.) One year ago today, God allowed me to marry my best friend. I will love you to the end, my cherished husband.

24.) Indeed, you are the best person in the world I know. I can’t tell you how much I love you. May our love grows with every passing moment. Happy first meeting anniversary.

25.) You make me the happiest person in the world so effortlessly and makes me adore you more each and every day. Thanks for being my husband. Happy first anniversary, my king.

26.) Spending a year next to an amazing person makes me nothing but happier. Happy anniversary, thanks for being the perfect partner anyone could ever ask for.

27.) The romance of this dance called marriage has filled my heart with song. And celebrating our anniversary in my dear husband’s arms is just where I belong. May all our years be as good as the first one.

28.) My exceptional husband, in all the time I’ve known you, you have been there for me through the good times, the bad times, and everything in between. We’ve shared everything with each other, and simply being by your side gives me comfort and joy. Happy anniversary, my dear, I love you so much.

29.) One year has passed so quickly and I don’t even know how. Maybe because I have never had so much fun in my life until now. Happy anniversary.

30.) Firsts of every kind are always great. The first kiss, first date, first day at school, first day at college, first day at work, etc. But the first year of marriage with you has topped all the other firsts in my life.

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

32.) One year has passed in the blink of an eye. Nostalgia brings tears to my eyes as my love for you remains the same. Happy anniversary, dear.

33.) Thank you for bringing joy to my life every day. Happy first anniversary, dear.

34.) There is still so much to see in life after this year. Happy 1st Anniversary

35.) I get way excited about life because you are with me. Happy anniversary, dear.

36.) You made me the luckiest person when you said yes to my marriage proposal. Thank you for every little thing you do for me and us, wifey! The happy first anniversary, beautiful. Love you.

37.) Marrying you was my best decision, and getting married to the world’s most beautifol woman was my superb luck. Thank you so much for everything, Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary, my life!

38.) May we be together like this forever. Happy first anniversary, my dear wife.

39.) Here’s raising a toast to

40.) days of pure happiness, bliss, joy, love, cuddles, and fun. Here’s to history repeating itself in the years to come!

41.) I must have done something great in my past life to get a wife like you. Happy anniversary, dear.

42.) I love doing life with you and I won’t change about us. I even love all our disagreements and our fights. I really love you very much, love. Happy first wedding anniversary, gorgeous.

43.) May it only be the first of many prosperous years to come. Happy 1st Anniversary

1st Anniversary Wishes for Friend

46.) Your love is the light that will illuminate all my life with happiness, wish you a very happy first-anniversary darling.

47.) Happy first anniversary, dear. It is a delight to watch you both together.

48.) Happy first anniversary to the couple who always amazes us with your unique bond. .

49.) 1 year of oneness you both have shared, And I pray that for one another you always care!! Happy Wedding Anniversary!!

50.) Dear friend, I wish you to be happily married forever and ever! Happy wedding anniversary!

51.) Congratulations on the accomplishment of your 1st year of marriage without any fighting. May you both be together with peace and love!

52.) Life is beautiful because you are with me. It is the first milestone of so many romantic moments that are yet left to be lived. Happy 1st anniversary!

53.) One beautiful year you have spent together, And hope in future, many good wishes you gather. Happy wedding anniversary!

54.) To the most beautiful human who has blessed with me a blissful and peaceful life- I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow. Thank you for everything. Happy 1st Anniversary, hubby.

55.) Happy anniversary, dear. May God bless you both with abundant happiness.

56.) A very happy anniversary day to you two! It’s a great pleasure to wish you both the greatest day of your life. May God bless u both and make your relationship even stronger with each passing day.

57.) I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Cheers to you on your anniversary.

58.) You have shown me what it means to have the perfect marriage. Happy 1st anniversary to the best, most understanding, and loving husband on earth!

59.) Whenever I think you will be there in my life forever, the hopes of my present and dreams of my future becomes real! Thanks for a wonderful 1st year!

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister

61.) May you have a joyfol marriage for all of your time, not only for a few years. Continue to be a couple forever. Happy anniversary to you and your spouse!

62.) I love that I have more room in the house now, but I hate how empty all this space is without you. Hope you and jiju always have the best life together. Happy Anniversary my dearest sister and brother-in-law.

63.) Happy first wedding anniversary dear sister and brother-in-law. May your lives be filled with adventure, and happiness and your love for each other be never-ending. Have a blast!

64.) I feel elated when I see you smiling beside your partner. You two make the best couple in the world! Be blessed and enjoy every moment of your life. I wish you the best wedding anniversary ever!

65.) I never say this enough but you and Jij are love goals for me. Happiest Wedding Anniversary to both of you. I know you are living the best days of your life and pray life never stops showering you with positivity and happiness.

First Wedding Anniversary Messages For Brother

67.) It feels like yesterday that you two started dating and now we are celebrating your first wedding anniversary. Sending my warmest hugs and kisses, guys. May God bless you, always.

68.) Dear brother, seeing you happy with the love of your life- makes me so happy. I am fortunate to have you guys as my family. Happy 1st wedding anniversary, may Lord bless you two.

69.) Nothing is more beautiful than to see you and your partner united and happy. May your love always be there as the first year of your wedding, Brother!

70.) Congratolations brother on your first anniversary. May youpossessall happiness and togetherness with your wife for the life.

First Anniversary Wishes For Aunt and Uncle

72.) It’s not the number that defines the love you have for each other, it’s the happiness that surrounds you every moment in your life. You two are the best example of how a couple can push through every obstacle and build a beautiful family. This blessing of God may be with you till your last breaths. Happy 25th anniversary, mom and dad!

73.) Marriages are made in heaven. You both proved it right by staying together for years with love, respect, and commitment. Thank you for showing how an ideal couple resolves their differences and makes love last forever. Happy 25th Anniversary!

74.) A lot of warm wishes and greetings from the core of my heart to the most beautifol aunty and the most handsome uncle on their 1st anniversary. Happy 1st Anniversary to both of you!

1 Year Relationship Anniversary Quotes

76.) Don’t forget to compliment your partner on how hot, handsome, beautiful, or pretty he/she looks. Compliments given on special days like these will be remembered and cherished for a long time.

77.) The most important tip is not to forget your anniversary date. If you are bad with dates, put a reminder on your phone and email so that you don’t end up disappointing your partner with your forgetfulness.

78.) I thought all guys were the same, but you proved me wrong! Here’s to the most incredible guy I know.

79.) Even after one year together, I get butterflies every time I see you.

80.) “Happy 1st anniversary to us! It’s been a wonderful year of togetherness. I can’t wait for all the years to come.”

1 Year Love Anniversary Quotes for a Couple

82.) Sending warm wishes as you celebrate the first milestone of your love life. Be happy and keep smiling always!

83.) You will forever be the queen of my heart. Happy first Anniversary sweetheart!

84.) All praises are to God for the brought us closer and kept us united throughout the year. I wish to be with you for eternity! Happy 1st anniversary my love!

85.) To the most attractive person who has given me the gift of a joyfol and tranquil life: I love you more every day. I appreciate everything. Happy Anniversary!

86.) One year has passed in the blink of an eye. But my love for you remains the same. Happy anniversary, dear.

87.) Not just love but also friendship you have shared this year, May this grows every day and every moment!! Happy wedding anniversary!

88.) Bed of roses I wish for you two, I pray, together, thorns you shoo! Happy wedding anniversary!

89.) Wish you two a lovey first year, And hope, for each other, you always stay dear! Happy wedding anniversary!

90.) Congratulations to us for our successful one year of marriage! On this special day, I want you to know again that, I’ll always be there for you. I’ll never leave your hand and no matter what comes, my love for you will never be less.

91.) The reason you entered my life is my favourite one since everything happens for a purpose. My favourite love story is also ours. Thank you for one year!

One Year Anniversary Quotes For Boyfriend

93.) You are my true love, I was waiting to give you something special on our first anniversary. Love you a lot Honey!

94.) I promise to hold your hand and stand by your side no matter what happens, just like I did during the first year of our relationship.

95.) You’ve given me 365 days of fun, romance, love, and lust, and I can’t wait for more.

96.) “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”—Audrey Hepburn

One Year Anniversary Quotes For Girlfriend

99.) “The past 365 days with you were more enjoyable than my entire life.” — Unknown

100.) “You’re my love of life and best friend, and you’ll always be.”– Unknown

101.) “This day, a year ago, my life changed for the better.”– Unknown

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Couple

103.) From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the best in your marriage. May you enjoy everlasting happiness as a couple! Happy first anniversary!

104.) I hope that your love grows deeper each year and your happiness together grows too. Happy anniversary!

105.) May your love grow year by year, Because now you have just completed a year! Happy Wedding Anniversary!

106.) Happy first anniversary to my favorite couple. Congratulations on one year spent with love and laughter!

107.) Whether it is the first or the fiftieth, every anniversary is a testament to your patience and perseverance in tackling life together as a couple. Happy 1st anniversary.

108.) Happy Anniversary to the cutest couple in the whole world! May your love continue to blossom each passing day!

109.) One year with you has been the best year of my life. Happy 1st relationship anniversary my love!

110.) You have given me nothing but love and support and I wish I will be able to give you that, too. I promise to be by your side always. Happy 1st Anniversary dear hubby.

111.) Dear Mumma & Papa, You have taught me how having

112.) Words alone are not enough to tell you how much you mean to me. Happy first anniversary beautiful!

113.) Today is a very special day for people I love more than life – it’s your wedding anniversary, my beloved parents! You’ve already spent a lot of wonderful years together and now I want to wish you to spend even more years enjoying each other and bringing joy to everyone around! Congratulations!

114.) “Congratulations on your 1st wedding anniversary! Seeing your love bloom over the past year has been a joy. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and tons of love.”

Send them hearty words of appreciation on the special day of 1st marriage anniversary. Mark the date in your calendar, and don’t forget to send the sweet couple happy first anniversary wishes. Tell them how they make you happy. Maybe even arrange a party for them or send them one of those gifts for extra brownie points and make them feel valued! Spread happiness and be a part of people’s happy days.

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