56 Best Merry Christmas Family Wishes – Xmas Family Quotes

If you are looking for Christmas wishes for your family and friends, there are many options to choose from. Here are some suggestions from various sources: Merry Christmas Message from Family: Christmas and New Year are celebrated back to back every year. People plan out to celebrate it with friends and family by sharing photographs and videos. In case you are struggling to get suitable messages that you can share as Christmas greetings for family friends, online websites do not have any shortage of them at all. You can easily find magical Merry Christmas wishes for families online that can be easily sent on social media and printed on cards. See more ideas about Merry Christmas to my family, Merry Christmas family and friends, funny Merry Christmas family quotes. Cute Merry Christmas family quotes with images – Merry Christmas family.

Best Merry Christmas Family Wishes Xmas Family Quotes

Merry Christmas Wishes for Family and Friends

1. Christmas is the best gift I get all year.

2. Enjoy your time this holiday season as you sing Christmas music and eat tasty food.

3. It’s the best time of the year. It’s Christmas time. It’s when the family comes together again. It’s a happy Christmas to the best family I could have.

4. A lot of fun was had to work with you this year. Merry Christmas!

5. During this Christmas season, try to fill your heart with the warmth that comes from being close to your friends and family. Happy Christmas!

6. During the holidays, it can be hard to get around. Here’s to making the most of each journey and seeing friends we haven’t seen in a while.

7. Through this short message, I want your Christmas to be bright and beautiful.

happy merry christmas eve to all my family and friends merry christmas

8. It is green and red. It’s been a good year for you, little brother.

9. In the spirit of Christmas, I hope your smiles will be as big as your credit card bill. Good luck and have a lot of fun! Merry Christmas!

10. Happy merry christmas eve to all my family and friends merry christmas

11. Merry Christmas! I hope you and your family have good health, happiness, harmony, and fulfillment this holiday season, and I’ll see you next year.

12. I am sending this message for a happy Christmas filled with fun because the holiday season is finally here. Happy Christmas!

13. During this holiday season, may the good things that happen to you fill your life with happiness, and hope those good things will happen to you in the new year.

14. I hope you have a happy Christmas today and for years to come.

15. During this Christmas season, may your life be filled with real miracles. I hope you have a happy holiday!

16. The best thing I can say to you this Christmas is that I hope you have a happy one.

17. Christmas is a time to spend time together. During this time of year, you can have a lot of hope and have the best times. I hope that you will have a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Christmas Wishes for Best Friends Family

1. Christmas is coming, and we hope that your dining hall will be filled with the smells of food and hot chocolate. May God always bless you. New Year’s Eve

2. Dear family, thank you for everything. With you, I’m lucky. Thank you for always being there for me. May God keep giving us his love and care. Happy Christmas!

3. Having a good time with the people you care about is what makes the holidays so great. You are so great! Spending my holidays with you will be the best thing I’ve ever done! Happy Christmas!

4. The people who choose to give and share this Christmas are blessed. You have been so kind to so many people at Christmas in the past. May your kindness be returned ten-fold this Christmas and in the coming year.

5. I can’t thank God enough for the wonderful family he has given me. May God keep us safe and help us deal with everything that comes our way. We have a happy Christmas. Aw, I love you!

how to write merry christmas card 1

6. Spending the Christmas season with you is a magical thing to do. I’m happy that I have such a great family to spend the holidays with.

7. This holiday season, I want you to be healthy, happy, joyful, and rich. May you have a good day and a good tomorrow. It’s time for Christmas and the New Year. I love you a lot, too.

8. Enjoy all the happiness and love this Christmas season.

9. This is a good thing to hear during the holidays. Each Christmas greeting is a kind word.

10. Merry Christmas to all of my best friends in the world. I love you all, my family!

11. I hope your holidays are filled with sweets, surprise gifts, and lots of laughter, my friends and family. Sending you my best wishes for the Christmas season.

12. You and the people who are important to you should have a lot of fun this Christmas.

Long Distance Christmas Wishes For Family

1. To my family on Christmas Eve, I wish you a happy holiday with gifts. You and your family will have the best Christmas ever this year. You will be happy and welcome Jesus with love.

2. I’d like to wish my family all the best during this holiday season. May your home be filled with the happiness that you bring me. Merry Christmas!

3. No family is indeed perfect, but the bond we share is very important and never-ending. Merry Christmas to all of you.

4. It’s the only thing I want for Christmas. I want you all by my side. Merry Christmas, everyone.

5. During this holiday season and all year long, I want to send you all the best. I’m praying for your good health, wealth, and happiness. Thank you for everything. I love you and miss you so much.

merry christmas cousin funny

6. May Santa bring lots of goodness and happiness to our family this Christmas! Merry Christmas!

7. In this Christmas season, try to decorate each space around your home. Wishing you all the best!

8. May your entire home be filled with the love of this Christmas time. Enjoy your time with your loved ones.

9. Our family should be blessed by God on Christmas Eve and in the New Year.

10. “Christmas is now all around us, and happiness is everywhere. During Christmas, our hands are full of many different tasks as carols fill the air. In this case, Shirley Sallay is the person who said this.

11. If someone puts you in a bag at around 11 pm on the 24th, don’t be afraid. Santa is likely behind it. I asked you to be my gift.

Short Christmas Quotes for Family and Friends

1. This Christmas, may every wish you have in your heart come true and bring you happiness that warms your heart.

2. Make your dreams come true with the help of the magic of this special holiday.

3. This Christmas, may you be given a Christmas miracle that you can be grateful for. It’s time for Christmas and the New Year

4. Christmas greetings! May your home be filled with great gifts and real laughter. In my heart, I love you more than you could ever know. Sending virtual hugs and kisses to you.

merry christmas to brother and family

5. Seeing you makes me happy in ways that are impossible to measure. May your lives be filled with love and happiness for the rest of your lives, and may this Christmas be one you’ll never forget. Happy Christmas!

6. In your eyes, my life is even more beautiful, and I’m happier than I have ever been. My friend, Merry Christmas!

7. Merry Christmas to my brother and family members.

8. You are like a candle; you burn so brightly providing light to those around you no matter the situation.

9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my family and friends. I wish you a Merry Christmas that brings a season full of joy to enjoy and cherish forever!

10. I wish the Christmas spirit brings our family peace, hope, and love. Wishing Merry Christmas to the most supportive family!

Christmas Wishes For Siblings

1. I love this time of year because our Christmas spirit and our kindred spirits come together.

2. She is so beautiful, and I want to send her my best wishes. Enjoy the day with your husband and kids!

3. Do you remember the fights we had as kids about who would open the first Christmas gift? It’s because of those memories that our Christmas is so good.

4. To my beautiful sister, I wish you a Christmas filled with happiness that can’t be matched. May you be able to spend as much time as you want this holiday season making special Christmas memories?

5. I wish you a Merry Christmas, my dearest family. Though I am not home for Christmas, I send all my wishes and love through this beautiful card and gifts.

6. It is the family that makes holidays like these worth waiting for. I genuinely do not know what I would have done without you. Merry Christmas!

7. You have the best family, and I can’t wait to spend Christmas with you.

Christmas Card Messages for Relationship (Love)

1. Merry Christmas to all the people I love. I love all of you!

2. This Christmas, let us all open our hearts to each other and try to make a difference in the world.

3. With your family, Christmas is even better. This is a great time to be together. I’m glad to be here. All of us have a happy holiday season, and we all have peace in our hearts. Happy Christmas!

4. I hope God makes your Christmas dreams come true. I hope you have a good Christmas.

5. Christmas is more than just a holiday where you get gifts and a party. It’s a good time to remember the kindness of heart and the fun of giving.

6. My family and I hope you have a safe and peaceful Christmas. Happy Christmas!

7. During this time of year, families come together to laugh and love. May our time together be good.

8. All of the good things our Savior has given us should make us grateful on this Christmas Eve.

9. There are beautiful snowflakes, Christmas lights, and smiling faces all over the place, but there’s still something missing. I think it’s my family. There isn’t a holiday without you. Happy Christmas!

Spiritual Christmas Wishes For Family

1. This Christmas, I want you to know that you are the best family ever, and I pray that I will never forget about you. People who have a lot of love in their hearts have a unique connection.

2. I wouldn’t have it any other way during Christmas or any other time of the year. I would never change it. I always wanted to spend all of the important events in my life with you. “Happy Christmas, my family!”

3. It’s the time of year when people show their love for each other. I ask God to keep my family safe and happy for another year.

4. I have the best family and friends in the world, and I’m sure you’ll all be on Santa’s good list this Christmas. Merry Christmas to everyone!

5. From home to home, from place to place, the peace and joy of Christmas bring us closer together. Happy Christmas!

6. I saw that you sent a letter to Santa, so I added a few things to the list. It’s mine!

7. For Christmas, I bought you the best purse ever. I thought it looked good with my clothes. Good luck next time! Happy Christmas!

Christmas Greetings For Family

9. Christmas is a time to spend with your family and spread happiness and goodwill. From the family, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

10. As soon as you go into the stores, things start to get crazy.

11. It was a good thing that you let them spend this Christmas with someone important to them. You!

12. Everyone in my life is lucky to have you by their side. The only place I’d rather be is with you. As we always do on Christmas, I hope that next year we will all gather around the fire and exchange gifts, as we always do. I love you and I hope you have a happy Christmas.

13. During this wonderful season, may your heart be filled with peace and happiness. May the blessings of this holiday stay with you all year long. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

14. Toy production has been slowed down because Santa is in the hospital. It made him laugh so hard that he almost died.

15. Christmas lights and trees must be Christmas in the family home. Hot cocoa and jingle bells are what we’re going to do today.

16. There is no Christmas without a Christmas tree and Christmas songs, but the most important thing about Christmas is always family. Thanks for being there for me no matter what I did or didn’t do. Thank you for all your hard work and good fortune. Have a great Christmas!

17. Take nothing for granted and be grateful that you have so many great family and friends to spend this happy time with. Wishing you a happy holiday season

18. It’s the only thing I want for Christmas. I want to be with my family. Best wishes to your family from me and mine.

19. Good things will come into your life if you smile and love often.

It’s a good time to look back at your past and plan for the future at Christmas. There is one thing that never changes: family. The support and strength you give me every day make me feel so lucky. At Christmas, I want to send you all the world’s happiness and love. Thank you very much. Happy Christmas!

This time of year brings everyone and their families a lot more happiness and joy. A couple of months before the Holy Festival, people start to think about what to do. A wide range of sweets, Easter eggs, and Christmas decorations are available. There are also magical Christmas wishes for the whole family to enjoy. Christmas also brings a lot of fun winter vacations for both kids and adults. People can easily have a good time with each other when they celebrate Christmas.

Start with the best possible start by checking out the Merry Christmas messages for you and your family collection. Joy does not need to be kept away from Christmas. To avoid this, you should fill your life with the lovely and peaceful holiday that deserves the best celebration, not just on December 25th but all year long.

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